You know the feeling when a community gathers during Ramadan. The wide grinning faces, the noor of sujood, and it goes without saying, the way our faces light up when we see a plate of biryani around iftar time. The Community Activities Committee (CAC) at ICNF has found a way to revive a bit of that spirit every week through lunch Boxes after Jummah.

During CAC’s first meeting on February 26th 2016, the committee faced a daunting challenge, how revive community spirit within the masjid and attract more Musaleen. After much discussion the committee decided to launch a lunch box sale packed with food from local Restaurants and Caterers. Aside from the obvious advantage of helping Muslim businesses, and providing respite from cooking for Friday lunch, selling food after Jummah would generate funds for ICNF and most importantly foster a community spirit as people indulge themselves in the mouthwatering food.

ICNF has now taken the plunge and committed to having lunch every Friday starting today. The CAC and the Women’s Activities Committee were at the forefront of the initiative; quickly gathering their contacts to begin negotiating with Muslim Caterers and Restaurants. Within a week, the first caterer was chosen, Asma’s Cuisine. The newsletter advertised the first trial run of this event in the March 3rd edition.

Masha’Allah, this first trial run was a complete success. After serving 50-55 people, the supplies sold out within 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the Second Jummah attendees were unable to buy any boxes…
Those serving the food kept their ear out for some good feedback of how to make this success even greater. Alhamdulillah the initial feedback revealed the inclusion of some non-desi food items. Insha’Allah the committees plan to have a good mix of ethnic foods from different Restaurants and Caterers in the coming weeks.

The Friday Lunch Box will continue every Friday until Ramadan. To make this possible the committee humbly requests help from the whole community to volunteer for Food Pickup, Table Setup, Food Sale and Cleanup activities. Insha’Allah they will need 5 – 6 Volunteers every Friday to make this event a success. Keep in touch to learn how you can sign up to volunteer.

During the distribution, some Brothers and Sisters came forward to sponsor the cost of food such that all proceeds go to the Masjid. Members willing to sponsor a Friday Lunch box sale can find the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board or can contact ICNF directly at

Alhamdulillah, the Islamic Center of North Fulton looks forward to more activities and movement inside and around ICNF. This first event was made possible by the members of Community Activities Committee and Women’s Activities Committee and they made it an absolute success! Masha’Allah.

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  1. Muhammad says:

    Thank you for the great food. Very appetizing. Looking forward to getting boxes for my entire family this Friday 🙂

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