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  1. Bug Begone says:

    Saw a German roach at the ladies water cooler today. Please do a bug spray. Thanks.

  2. Benches says:

    Salams. Can we have seating like benches or chairs on the veranda between the womens prayer side and the garden? Jzk.

  3. Can you please fix the donation box in the women’s prayer hall.
    The zakat/sadaqa drawer will not even open.
    The masjid drawer will open but wont close and today I saw close to 250 USD just sitting scrunched in the back of the drawer and I ended up putting it in the only functional construction drawer.
    Please fix these drawers.
    Thank you.

  4. Shoe Rack Number Stickers says:

    Can we put number stickers on the shoe racks so people don’t mistake each other’s shoes for theirs. JazakAllah

  5. Spider averse says:

    Aoa. So it seems like we may need to do another bug spray as a moderately sized spider scurried out from the book shelf during isha salat right at us making focus during salat very difficult. We did sho it out after salat but suspect more might be lurking awaiting the next treble or bass in qirat. So please do another bug spray. Jazakallah.

    • Azim says:

      We placed a request for another round of pest control (spider). This is the reason we don’t want any food or drinks inside the masjid (entire building). Food is not the cause of spiders but at a larger picture, cockroaches and other pest control measures at periodic frequency cause lot of inconvenience and cost to us. People gets easily offended if some policy is getting enforced. Thank you for bringing our attention and we are working on it promptly.

  6. Musalimat says:

    Asalamalykum. I would like to bring attention to the door locking policy. Two new sisters missed their magrib salat because of the door being locked during salah. At isha, one sister left without praying and yet another ended up praying on the door mat. Please unlock the sisters entrance doors during salah times or make available some other method where sisters can enter the musallah during prayers. Jazakallah Khair.

    • Facility Mgmt says:

      Facility management is reviewing the door lock policy. Is it on the table to look at our options. Our intention is never to have doors locked specially during salah timings. May Allah forgive us for our short comings.

      For quick solution if the door is locked on the sisters side, please ask any brother to open it from inside and no one needs keys to open it from inside. Hopefully any brother would help and enter from brothers side and open the door for sisters.

  7. anonymous says:

    Assalam wa Alaikum

    I would just like to say that this Ramadan has been the most wonderful and peaceful one I have ever had in this masjid! The AC works wonderfully and a committee member is always wiling to change the temperature if needed. The carpet is very well maintained now and is always clean and well vacuumed. I also appreciate the partitioning the women’s section so that women with children can pray in the back. This a great arrangement as it allows the kids to play and women with young children to pray without worrying about their children’s noise bothering anyone else or worrying about children running around sisters’ legs while they pray. The women in the other section also don’t hear the children through the partition unless the child is yelling extremely loudly. I would also like to thank the women’s committee for always being helpful and listening to our concerns. They go above and beyond to make sure that everything is organized. I have never experienced an Iftar that has ever gone so smoothly before the women’s committee was formed. They and the volunteers serve the food quickly and efficiently and have everything cleaned up in no time. They also help by sitting in the back with the children and ensuring that the children do not get too loud and deal with mothers that rudely do not consider their fellow muslim sisters and have not bothered to teach their children the proper etiquette for visiting a masjid nor discipline their children when they make too much noise. I believe that the director of INCF should acknowledge the women’s committee’s many contributions and also the volunteers’ great dedication.

  8. Sister Kawtar says:

    Assalam Alaykum,

    Please have mercy on musaleen during these hot days and make sure the AC is running during salat time at at least 72, standing for qiyam in a tiny room with many sisters in an inclosed room at 75 is unbearable!

    Also, some sister are really going too far with telling other sisters where to sit and where not to, a masjid is a house of Allah and no one should have the right to tell people where to be, having clear signs on doors should be sufficient, new sisters visiting the masjid are getting yelled at by the “regulars”. We want to encourage sisters to attend and be part of this masjid activities and the whole community. It really makes me sad to see some sisters that feel humiliated just for daring to bring their kids to masjid.
    The prophet (pbuh) never pushed women with children away from Bait Allah or made any child feel unwelcome. Let’s follow his sunnah by encouraging our sisters to be kinder to mothers bringing their kids to salat, our deen is about love and patience and if we don’t show these kind of Akhkaq in a masjid where else?

    Jazakum Allah Khair

    • Wa’alaikum Assalam Sister Kawtar,

      Jazakallahu Khairan for this excellent comment,

      Insha’Allah we will re-evaluate the AC settings. During the Qiyam ul Layl, the AC is set to 75F which is very cold if there are only 10 sisters in a room with a capacity of 300+. During Qiyam on the 27th we were faced with 30+ sisters in a room with a capacity of 50+ of course it got heated. This maybe a rare occurence because this is Ramadan, we have itikaf going on and we have Qiyam. Nonetheless the matter will be re-evaluated.

      The masjid is the house of Allah (SWT), no one should be telling anyone where they can and cannot sit. This is the policy of ICNF and of Allah (SWT). The only exceptions are for the sisters making itikaf, they need a space for their belongings and if a presentation needs to be set up we need to make space for that.

      There are however rules of the masjid. One of which is using hushed voices so as not to disturb others, this is where children come in…

      As has been announced and posted several times, the children are the responsibility of their parents. Of course kids will be kids so an accomodation is made for parents with children to sit in the last section. This allows for the musaleen without children to pray with focus and parents to pray with their children.

      There is a sign posted in the far back of the musallah (in the childrens room) saying children under 6 are to pray in this room.

      Once again, Jazakallahu Khairan for this comment,
      ICNF Women’s Team

    • Arif says:

      I got the similar feedback from my wife that some sisters kind of rude and do not treat well to others. Please treat others the way you should be treated.
      They dictate others what to do and where to go. The sister who volunteer for the sake of Allah should remember how to treat another human being.

  9. Anonymous says:

    As-salam-u-alikum, Today there was a really big spider [2-3″] running around the carpet during taraweeh. Can we please do a building wide [interior and exterior] bug spray. Monster mosquitoes and flies are one thing but spiders are dangerous and can be poisonous. There are musaleen, and little kids about not to mention those planning to stay the night during the upcoming itikaf. Please do a campus wide bug spray. Jazakallah Khair.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The carpet of the musalla is often dirty because of heavy usage. Would be great if someone could vacuum it at least once, preferably twice a day. May be volunteer rotation?

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