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March 14, 2016
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  1. TV sisters says:

    Sister’s side TV monitor isn’t projecting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Isha iqama is taking placece earlier than listed online.

  3. Cennet says:

    Salam aleikum,
    I am a muslim sister Cennet from Kazakhstan. I am having problem of finding sisters in the neightbourhood. I have 2 kids, so whenever we go to mosque its hard to talk and introduce myself.
    So I am using this hoping inshallah I can meet sisters.
    If anybody knows russian sisters please let me know.

  4. Cennet Mammad says:

    Salam aleikum,

    I am a russian muslim from Kazakhstan. I am looking to find sisters. I have two kids, one is 2.5 years and one girl 3 months. It is a little hard to network and find friends while having these two little kids thats why I am using opportunity here:)

  5. mominah says:

    AsSalaam Alaikum,

    Please do not have daily iftars at ICNF. Twice a week should be good. We could use the money to donate to other needy masjids or muslim relief organization.

    Jazakallahu khair for your efforts.

    • Moderator says:

      Walaikumasalaam sister,
      Thank you so much for your kind suggestion. We value your feedback and will keep your inputs in mind. JazakAllahu Khayrun.

  6. Faiza says:

    Please please please before a Ramadan fix the screen on women’s side. It is. It fare to all the women in the room not able to see the imam.

    Also please please please turn the AC on at least for Jumma on women’s side.

    • Moderator says:

      Assalaamu Alaykum Sister.

      Yes, we will take care of these before Ramadan, InshAllah. We have noted this from last year’s lessons learned and kind suggestions from you and other sisters. Thank you for being patient and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. JazakomAllahu Khayrun

  7. Tiffany Patterson says:

    Salaam alakim ,
    I am a female Muslim looking for a roommate by May 1st InshallAllah . The sister must pass a background check and be able to pay $400/month. I’m trying to avoid being evicted and I don’t trust non-believers . I live in safe and gated community in Dunwoody. Sisters only respond. Call me at 404-630-1315.

  8. Muhammad Sohel says:


    I just got a confusion after seeing the contributor’s name “BULLDOG INSURANCE”on the Friday Lunch box. As I know, all insurance is associated with interest and here at masjid, people are buying the food with a good intention. My knowledge on interest/insurance might be limited, please provide the correctness of contribution of a insurance company to masjid.


    Muhammad Sohel

  9. anonymous says:

    Asalam Alikom,l am a sister.when it rains,the sister’s area beside the shoes shilves gets very wet ,so l cannot put my shoes in the shelf and l do not like to put it beside the main door ,too.Please solve this problem.l have small children and sometimes they slipped because the floor was can put a small shoes shilves beside the women door because if l want to take my shoes off and place it in the shelf,this means my socks will get wet and the carpet in the masjid will be wet and smell bad.please try to fix this problem and thank you for trying to help.

  10. Terry Zobel says:

    I am on the staff at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. I was wondering if you are aware of Neshama- an interfaith community based in Alpharetta. If you would like me to send you their current offerings, please contact me. I would need a name and an email address to forward it to you.

    • icnfadmin says:

      Thank you for posting on our forum. Please feel free to send us an email with additional details or leave details in a comment below

  11. Syeda Khan says:

    I just moved to the Atlanta area and I live in the Alpharetta area. I am having trouble making friends with other Muslim people since I have moved here and I also want to get involved with this masjid. I was wondering if anyone can please be kind enough to help me? I would appreciate it if someone could let me know.
    Jazak Allah Khaiyroon

    • Tabish says:

      wa alaykum as salam,

      Can you tell a little about yourself where you moved from and are you looking more families to network with, do you have kids etc. ? May be you can attend the monthly events at Roswell Masjid ( where we often meet new people.

      • Syeda Khan says:

        Walakum Salaam,
        I think I am a bit late on this post but I recently moved from Chicago. And I am currently looking to make friends and network with young couples like me and even young couples with kids. I have been to Roswell Masjid, Hamza Masjid, and Al Farooq Masjid but I am still having lots of trouble meeting new people. Every time I go to any event at any of these masjids I am always by myself and no one talks to me, and when I have tried to introduce myself to any sister they do not seem interested in becoming friends with me. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Asalam Alikom,I love this Masjid.Thank you for your great work.Is there any way that you keep the masjid open between prayers because if a person come before prayer time,he has to wait until someone open the masjid,or leaving without praying.There are many solutions for this issue like you can open the masjid after Fajr and close it After Ishaa .Most the time if any one wants to do something bad,it is done at night but it rarely happens at day.Another suggestion is to have a code for the masjid and give it to your member community who most the time come to pray.The third option is to leave it all the time open and close the room which has anything expensive.Allah protects the masjid in the past and He will continue His promise.Also,I noticed that there are many cameras around the masjid which could prevent many bad things to happen.In the end,we should keep the masjid open for every one,not just for prayer times.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I agree, please leave the masjid doors, both the brothers and the sisters side, unlocked during prayer times.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Asalam Alukom, I noticed your fajir prayer times are different from other Masajid in the same area.What organization you follow in this matter? It is very important to know it in Ramadan.
    Thank you.

    • Samer Bashir says:

      There are different conventions for calculating prayer times. The following list several well-known convection currently in use in various region:
      Method Region used
      ============== ============
      Muslim World League MWL Europe, Far East, parts of US
      Islamic Society of North America ISNA North America (US and Canada)
      Egyptian General Authority of Survey Egypt Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Malaysia
      Umm al-Qura University, Makkah Makkah Arabian Peninsula
      University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi Karachi Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh, India

      The default calculating parameters for each calculation method:
      Method Fajr Angle Isha
      MWL 18° 17°
      ISNA 15° 15°
      Egypt 19.5° 17.5°
      Makkah 18.5° 90 min after Maghrib
      Karachi 18° 18°

      At ICNF (Islamic center of North Fulton) Muslim World League (MWL) calculation is used. However; at ICNF the Iqamah time has been adjusted to accommodate for other calculations as well.

      source (

  14. Anonymous says:

    Asalam Alukom,May Allah give you Ajr for the great masjid,but unfortunately I went to the masjid today for Asr and I found the masjid is closed so I returned back without praying! Are you going to close the masjid? I have been praying in ICNF for 17 years and it was always opened.Please do not close it.

    • ICNF General Support says:

      Wa’alaikum Assalam, The Masjid will Insha’allah remain open during all Salah times. We apologize for the inconvenience. There was a Salatul Jama’ah for Asr on that day, we have labeled the doors so this should avoid any confusion in the future.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Asalam Alikom,
    Jazaka Allah Khuirun for such a beautiful masjid and efforts.There are no trash pins and mirror in women’s bathroom.It will be great if we can have it.
    Keep the great work.

    • ICNF General Support says:

      Wa’alikum Assalam, the facility management team has been informed of your request and will be responding. Currently there are trash cans in the sister’s restroom at the moment and the mirrors are in on the way Insha”Allah.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Asalam Alikom, if I want to make any Halaqah or event,where can I find the forum that you need it to fill it out and submit it to you ? Could you please provide the link for it?

    • ICNF General Support says:

      If you go to the contact us page you will see a button to “Schedule an Event at ICNF”. We will review the event and get back to you. You are always welcome to shoot us an email at

  17. Mohsin says:

    Will ICNF be hosting Tarawhee at the new masjid this Ramadan? If so can you please provide the details? Thank you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Now that the parking lot is ready, please have Hafiz sahib announce to the brothers to park in the marked spaces rather than in the driveway/entrance.


    • ICNF General Support says:

      Sure. An announcement addressing this issue was made after Isha salah today. Will make additional announcements as needed

  19. Concerned Brothers says:

    Brick column at the entrance that is used for mail box is dangerously located in the path of sight distance for left turning vehicles from ICNF to Rucker Rd. We understand that it needs to be at certain distance from the curb so that the mail man can access from his vehicle. Need to relocate on the other side of the entrance if not get rid of it. It is accident waiting to happen because of hindering sight distance.

  20. Dr Salim Osman says:

    Just wanted to say that you guys are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work
    May Allah SWT give u Ajar

  21. Anonymous says:

    Just want to say, great job overall in the masjid. I am seeing the masjid become very active… Mashallah

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