Truly a memorable seminar for the sisters of ICNF. Throughout the weekend this was the subject of conversation, the event you regret missing. The way Sr. Saffa presented the topic was practical and informative. One such suggestions was to ensure you are informed of your local laws when dealing with a death. For example in Fulton County if a person dies in the home (heart attack, stroke, sleep, etc) the family has no rights on the body. The body will be collected by the city, an autopsy will be conducted, and the body will not receive a proper ghusl or shrouding. Therefore if a family member is nearing death, Fulton County Muslims should phone 911 and get the body to the hospital. The hospital will then turn the body over to the family who can appropriately perform a Ghusul or Shrouding.

How ready are you for death? This is the idea many of the ICNF sisters had to face this Saturday. About 60 sisters went into the workshop with different levels of experience in handling death. It is a subject we all have to face. Sister Saffa went through the preparation steps starting before death. She suggesting we should all know the laws in our local districts pertaining to the handling of the dead. We should all have a will dictating our wishes and instructions on who you would like to wash you and what debts you need taken care of and so on.

Sister Saffa made this workshop very real with a range visual and sensory tools. She proceeded to teach us how to wash and prepare the body of a dead sister, child, or spouse. How we have to treat the body with highest level of respect and dignity possible. She said what ever is seen on the s body should not be shared with anyone and shared a hadith “if you protect/conceal the defects of the dead, then Allah will forgive you 40 times”.

She also went into the details of the shrouding and showed us 2 different ways to shroud a body. Many excellent questions were asked like “Can the dead feel pain in their body after death?” and “who do I call if a someone in my household dies?”. Sister Saffa also cautioned us not to mix culture with religion as not to introduce in innovation and incurring sins.

The event was topped off with tasty shawarma sandwiches, tea, and cookies which was graciously donated by the ICNF women’s commity. I am excited to see what new events we will be seeing soon!

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