Where are the youth? A question that runs through the minds of anxious parents wondering if they are doing enough to keep their child on Sirat ul Mustaqeem. This past weekend, the vast majority of the youth in the Atlanta area, almost all Muslim high schoolers were present and accounted for in the MIST tournament held at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With 28 teams coming from schools as far apart as Augusta, Waynesboro, and Macon, the MIST Scholars showed up in full and told the world Muslims have got game!

MIST is an annual tournament where students of different backgrounds, living in the United States, embrace their Muslim identities and compete in an Islamically themed tournament. This years theme, the Race Against Time. Asking our youth, How do you plan to make the most of your time, how do you plan to remember your mortality and how do you plan to remember to live.

This year one of the largest categories was the short film and our Mist team featuring Maria Zulfiqar, Huda Tauha, Jenna Raad, Beyza Akgun, Lynn Churbaji came in third place. With the permission of their team we have featured it here.

A strong reminder to live and take advantage of the time we have to make ammends with our family members and forgive each other. We have three competitors that made it to first place Maria Zulfiqar in Sisters' Quranic Recitation (level 4), Hasan Tauha in Brothers' Quranic Recitation (level 3), and short fiction story by Maria Zulfiqar also made it to first place. Milton High placed in 13 categories and will be moving on to Nationals.

MIST nationals July 29-31 will be in Toronto, CA for the first time. The youth of our community have been placing every year at the national level and inshaAllah will continue to place. Those that did not receive an award this year MIST will see you next year March 2017.

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  1. Nazma Malique says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Congratulations to our Milton Team for their outstanding Achievements in Mist!
    I also wanted to bring attention to the fact that not all members and participants of ICNF only attend Milton HS. Our youths of ICNF also attend Cambridge HS, Roswell HS, Johns Creek HS, and ILM Academy that participate in Mist and are well deserving of some praise. This will help to encourage our youths and make our ICNF families more active participants in the community.

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