Sr Ruwa Romman, a Civil and Human Rights Activist visits ICNF for a workshop entitled “Confidence on Shaking Ground”. She discusses how being a Muslim is still the only straight path despite who tries to shake our foundations in faith. She combats bullying, authority figures intending to bring down our faith, and even friends whose parents don’t understand their child’s Muslim BFF. This video shares tips and tricks of being confident while consistently being in the minority. How to get your footing on decks stacked against you. The solution is simply to look at others as people before stereotyping them, as most bullies have never been questioned, most authority has never been challenged and most parents aren’t understanding. Using dialogue to change views… simply by challenging the thoughts and beliefs of others, Sr. Ruwa is the leader of interfaith activities where ever she goes. Currently she works for Points of Light which is an organization dedicated to volunteerism.

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