Young Muslim Authors – Inspiring Thru’ Pen

Calling all young writers 📣

A creative opportunity for young muslims in community to inspire through Pen.
Its easy to enter :
📌 Based on the theme of the month write a short story with the intention to inspire others towards the theme.
📌 Use Quran and Hadith references for your inspiration
📌 Limit the inspiration to no more than 250-300 words
📌 Two best entries get showcased in the monthly news letter of ICNF
📌 Last Date for Entry – ” FEBRUARY 15TH

🔦Interesting Quran Trivia :
The importance of writing proven from the fact that Allah SWT mentions about it in the first revelation of Quran

ٱلَّذِى عَلَّمَ بِٱلۡقَلَمِ

Who imparted knowledge by means of the pen.
Surah Al:Alaq :4

It is Allah SWT who made the pen an instrument for writing and imparting knowledge.

🖊All young muslims are encouraged to avail this creative opportunity

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