ICNF Sunday School
December 3, 2018
Monthly Calender
May 2, 2019
We were all caught off-guard by the recent violence against Muslims in New Zealand. We mourn the death of so many innocent souls. The renouncement of this act from national and international leaders is a reinforcement of our faith in humanity, that we are all human beings and we all long for the same goodness in our lives. We must, as a civilized community, stand together strongly against such acts so that we discourage any such future acts. The combined and coordinated efforts of Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Attorney North District of Georgia, FBI, and local law and order officials are greatly reassuring. 
Thank you to our leaders, our local law enforcement officials and our neighbors who came out to lend their support in these dark days of our lives.  We thank our interfaith partners, especially Rabbi Mario Karpuj and Dr. Anila Bortz (Synagogue or Haddash) and others who attended our services yesterday afternoon.  Thank you to our neighbors for all the flowers and those wonderful warm messages. 

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