Thank You For Your Desire To Give!

Your commitment to the Islamic Center of North Fulton is greatly appreciated. Your generosity helps the work of Islam in this cross-section of Alpharetta and Roswell. ICNF struggles to mold the next generation of Muslim while preserving our own deen.

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Donation Information

I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund

This option allows you to choose where you would like to your money to go. The options and their components are outlined below:

Masjid Construction

As the masjid is under construction there is a qardh-e-hasanat on it. This means that some members of the community have given a loan to the Masjid and would like to receive the money back but there is no immediacy in their claim.

Masjid Operations
Cleaning of the masjid

The cleaning of the masjid entails the staff hired to continuously keep the bathrooms clean, also costs of cleaning carpets, bathroom supplies (soap, toilet paper, etc).

General Expenses

This involves any salaries or services solicited including but not limited to the police officer, legal counsel (when needed), and emergency funds (broken fixtures...)

Utilities or Bills

This category is straight forward Electric, Gas, Water, and Landscaping

Monetary Sadaqah

Sadaqah is the non-obligatory charity that can come in the form of money. Select this option if you would like to give Sadaqah


Zakah is a religious obligation of all Muslims. It is considered a tax, and it goes only to the needy.

Here at ICNF we strongly suggest you commit to a recurring donation.

You also have the option to remain anonymous

Jazakallahu Khairan