Recurring Events

Programs & Events

Five times Salah

We have the 5 daily prayers lead by our Imam who is well versed in rules of Tajweed and Makharij. The timing of these Salahs are listed under Iqamah on the right.

Weekly Quranic Reading

Come to our center after school and you will hear the sounds of children reciting Quran for more information check out their Facebook link

Daily Halaqah

After Maghrib everyday you will find a group of men sitting and reading a few of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and reciting a few verses of the Holy Quran

Mom's Morning Out

The Masjid fills with infants <4 years of age every morning, leaving mom to run the very many errands she has everyday. For more information about this program click here

Weekly Programs

The Friday Salah or Salatul Jummah serves as a chance for the Imam (leader) to address the Muslims of ICNF and call them towards piety, serving as a reminder to them. This is also a chance for Muslims to meet one another (in built by the tenents of Islam). The Quranic verse most commonly invoked in this matter is "O you who believe, When the call is proclaimed for the Salat on the day of Friday , come to the remembrance of Allah and leave off business, that is better for you if you did but know!” (62:9)
ICNF Sunday school is provides an Islamic education for the children of Muslim families living in and around the Greater Alpharetta area. The yearly school session follows the regular County school session, starting in the fall and continuing through the winters and spring till the middle of May. During the year children come to the school on every Sunday at 11:00. The school time is divided into three session classes with a fifteen minutes break beginning with a school wide assembly in which parents are welcome.
Every Friday after Asr Salah you will find Tajweed Classes strictly for women. Tajweed is a Arabic word meaning correct pronunciation during recitation. The Islamic Consensus that the Quran we have today is the same Quran that was revealed to Gabriel and Muhammad (peace be upon them both). This guarantee is given based on the method of verification, the Quran is memorized by Millions around the world of every age. Mistakes, therefore, in pronunciation can result in deviation. The study of Tajweed therefore often extends into adulthood.
Coming soon! We hope to have dinners and get together weekly in an effort to create a stronger brother/sisterhood.

The masjid is here to serve the communal, societal and religious needs of its community. It does so by offering/connecting you to the following services:

  • Marriage Ceremony, both Nikkah and Walimah

  • Summer Activities

  • Facility Rental for a large service

  • Hajj & Umrah Services

  • Funeral Arrangements

  • Medical Clinic

  • Get Monetary Support

  • Social Services

  • Shariah Compliant Wills